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Rabbit ninja Lol

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Jason Derulo | It Girl

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Pocket Full of Stones Diamond.

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Bun B thats our O.G.

Title: Swishas And Dosha Artist: UGK 20 plays

UGK 4 Life

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OMG @finnick-and-annies-child

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Super Bass- Nicki Minaj (Cover)

Dayum she’s beautiful.

J cole what’s gucci :)

Come here I’m about to take you higher
We about to set this bitch on fire
Pour a little gas, spark up your lighter
You might not be the one but you the one that I desire

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Riot Squad (Dance Houston) - 03.05.11 (by royalflushmedia)
Riot Squad :) Only in Houston! Soundbox



he beat the breaks off of them lmao.

gooooooogly moogly he was teeing off on they ass, the lil stud shouldn’t have hit him, studs always wanna act tough and hard til it’s time for that ass whooping 

“Welcome to McDonald. How may i whoop your ass today?”

Damn bruh, I was just tryna get a number 7

What did he hit them withhh????

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